Thursday, December 27, 2012

1001 Posts and all that Jazz

I've created this post dozens of times in my head. I've pondered the ways Ahead of the Wave might come to its natural end. Would my final post pop with a profound bang or whimper out with a pathetic fizzle?  Perhaps somewhere in between?

 1001 posts over five years.....what have I learned? What's different about my life now? Have I grown? Or am I the same person? Furthermore, does anyone care?

 Here's what I know.....
 1. Blogging is mostly fun.
 2. Sometimes I've lots to say, sometimes there is nothing to say.
 3. Blogging can create unwanted pressure.
 4. My truest self comes out on these pages but still, it isn't all me. I hold back.
 5. Fundamentally, I'm very opinionated. And, probably mean. Two people near and dear to me remind of this all the time.
 6. I miss my Mom; a lot. There are still questions I need to ask her and wisdom I could use.
 7. My Dad is a love but he cannot hear. Screaming at him is irksome, beyond belief.
 8. I'm happy with myself and what I believe.
 9. I may want to be eternally ahead of the wave but realize this isn't realistic and not really desireable in the end. Life is short; being buried by the wave at times is what makes each day new.
10. Christmas is my least favorite time of year. In fact this Christmas 2012 was the worst Christmas ever.  That's why there's the day before Thanksgiving; a truly blessed day.

. Much love to all and thanks for reading!