Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Beauty in White

Whether at the Royal Reception or preparing to walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, Kate Middleton is a gorgeous young woman with incredible taste in formal wear. What a beautiful bride!  Although this man of mine can't understand why I'm obsessed, I remain smitten by the fanfare and the fantasy. What about you? I suspect a strong division along gender lines here. Interesting, no?


  1. I certainly set my alarm and got up early to watch the bride's entrance and the ceremony - and the hat parade and the carriage trip to buckingham Palace and the kiss. Wouldn't have missed it.
    Thirty years ago, we were all in London a month before Diana's wedding and the city was abuzz and souvenier's abounded. I remember that on the actual wedding day, all three girls were at Camp Monterry in Tenn. and Miss Dollie allowed a TV at camp so the campers could see the royal wedding. These events are a must-see.

  2. Love how she is looking back in this last picture.


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