Friday, August 31, 2007

The best of times, the worst of times.....

August is winding down to a close.

The month has been full; a mix of incredible highs, new experiences, bittersweet moments, and times of deep sadness. These weeks convince me that the richness of life springs from this curious balance between "the best of times and the worst of times". I am looking forward to September, the month when the days are typically sunny but the longer nights and cooler weather signal the coming of fall, a time of reflection blessed (hopefully) by a slower pace and fewer obligations.

August was a month of joyous events: Mom's 90th Birthday, my first Triathlon, and large family gatherings for fabulous meals shared at our home and at Arapahoe Place.

August was a month of reunions and goodbyes: Chris returned from 7 weeks of mission work in Slovakia; embracing him at the airport after his journeys abroad was heaven. Bidding goodbye to Laura in her tiny college dorm room after two days of packing and creative unpacking, left us all weary and cranky but excited about her fall semester. And then there were the comings and goings of family from Houston and Portland with the Arapahoe house in the center of the action.

August was a month of sobering realities witnessing the fragility of my 90 year old parents who struggle daily with the tasks of living. Dad was hospitalized the evening of Mom's birthday for pneumonia and Mom is currently hospitalized with a probable new stroke after several days of worsening confusion and generalized weakness. Accepting that we are doing the best we can on their behalf is difficult; one always wants to question the decisions and the strategies we have taken in the care of our much loved elders.

August is winding down to a close. I will not ask, nor predict what September will bring.

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