Friday, November 13, 2009

Wedding Eve

I'm trying to calm a mind on over drive. It's 8 AM on Friday morning in sunny, gorgeous Walnut Creek, CA. The landscape of the next 36 hours or so lies ahead, thoughtfullly planned but still, the future where unknowns and twists and turns weave threads into the pattern of a well planted field of dreams.

Poetic, I know. Dramatic, I know.

What I need is a good stretch, some strong coffee and a couple aspirin.

Tonight Denny and I host the Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding party and out of town guests. All I know is the food better be tasty, the drinks up to par, and whatever words of greeting that come out of my mouth (or D's mouth) at the podium microphone be smooth as butter. Welcome all and thank you for coming to support Chris and Heather on this journey of commitment.

Here we go; let's get out of bed and get this day rolling!

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