Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Comes, Ready or Not

I posted a mere 7 times in March 2011; the fewest number of blog entries since the inception of Ahead of the Wave.  Yikes, what's happening to me?  More time spent at my day job is the reason. Now we're into the second day of April; she comes whether we are ready or not. I'm not. Where did March go?

I've much to blog about; my inspirations come to me when I'm out there doing my best to run/walk on the Couch to 5 K routine. Today the sun was shining, a real treat after endless Seattle rain. I dragged my aching knees back on the pavement after a week off and did fairly well although a dose of Aleve was appreciated after the workout.  I'm determined to press on and hope I'm not doing damage to the medial meniscus of my right knee, the one that started talking to me shortly after the sprint Triathlon in 2007 and which ultimately ended up under the knife 3 years ago.

Pate's legs look like this.
Speaking of knees, my friend Pate suffers from creaky and temperamental knee joints as well.  I'll be writing more about my recent trip to visit girlfriend Pate (I call her by her last name); the three day jaunt that involved a city called Las Vegas, a trailer park, and rum-cokes. For now, however, I'm talking about knees. Pate and I have a tradition of sorts; when we're together we often buy something identical. This is some form of bonding I suppose but it is kind of sweet. I'll look down at my wallet or, more recently my toe ring and think: Oh, yes, Pate has one just like this. This time, though we bought identical knee supports at a local drugstore in Vegas. Good God, I thought as we stood in line to pay for our purchases. We're really getting on in years if we're buying supplies to support our aging joints. Geezer-hood is coming.

Anyway, troublesome knees or bust! I'm pressing on with plans for the Danskin sprint Tri. If I end up walking the 5 K instead of running, so be it. For now, I'll down those aleve, glucosamine-chondroitin, and wear my knee support faithfully whilst listening to Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. These gals propel me forward like none other.

Today, I felt my Mom close by. Again, she whispered to me, "Go!"

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  1. Most of the organized runs also have a "walk" option - would that be worth a look?

    I can no longer run - actually I have never been able to run since blowing out my knee at the age of 23. But I do walk.


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