Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Dis-Comfort Inn

This hotel, if you can call it that; (roach motel might be a better descriptor) so disappointed the two of us weary travelers that we decided to laugh it off. Sort of.

D an I traveled all day yesterday; flew to Houston and then on to Ft. Lauderdale, arriving around 10:30 PM. The weather was lovely, breezy and 60ish and we enjoyed the feeling we'd finally arrived, had one night to spend and on week long cruise.  Although we were hungry (no food on airlines these days), that was the only vaguely uncomfortable feeling. We figured we'd find someplace to catch a quick bite before turning in for the night.

Ahh,  The "Dis-Comfort Inn" looks nothing like this quaint exterior view, even in the light of day. The driver who picked us up from the airport was 30 minutes late, the check in staff surly and distant, and the icing on the cake of displeasure was the room. OMG. I'm drenched in memories of motel rooms from my younger days (think 1970's style) and images from movies (think Psycho, Thelma and Louise, maybe even Little Miss Sunshine).

Nothing in this room of ours worked properly; from the lock on the door to the bathroom sink. A funky musty smelling cramped space with an air conditioner that required a stiff kick periodically to quit making a grinding sound, a bag of a prior guest's food in the microwave, and burned out light bulbs were but some of the wonders of room 127. If this was an inexpensive room for the night, I'd (maybe) understand but this was not the super cheap deal of the season by any means. We've staying in Comfort Inns in Washington that were no four star resorts but were at least well maintained and functional.

Loose hardware on the locking mechanism

5 minutes after the water ran in the sink
Top the stay off with watered down coffee and orange juice this morning and we're off to the cruise terminal where vacation begins.  We're laughing about our overnight adventure but will be glad to archive this one away in the "remember that awful hotel?" file.

This is our third stay in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel; next time we'll finally get it: no more overnights in places adjacent to the cruise terminal.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Kate,
    This calls for a big long KLM letter with photos. Go for it. Have good days on the cruise.

  2. Sounds truly terrible! Here's hoping the cruise is a drastic improvement.

  3. Ugh! My bus-and-truck theatre touring days were filled with crappy hotels - like the one they booked us into in Buffalo that turned out to be the popular choice for hookers to entertain their johns in - no wonder the company manager got such good rates! And once driving through Idaho on I90, my husband and I stayed in a place so creepy we really were afraid for our safety - we were traveling with our dog, which at least gave us some assurance.

    Recently, we broke up our return trip from Paris with a night stayover in Atlanta at the airport Sheraton, a tired and frowzy joint in need of a makeover. Quite the let-down after a first-class ticket on Air France!

  4. Hahahaha this did give me a good laugh. Reminds me of my past blogging about my ghetto room at 'il paradiso' aka The Paradise in Florence. My fav part about the post is the leftover food from previous guest in microwave. I wish you took a pic of that ! Did you complain about thE service at all?


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