Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Comes and Goes

Thanksgiving Day was great; the food and company superb. Time passes so quickly that the buildup and aftermath seem long compared to the meal we shared together. The fourth Thursday of November is still my most favorite holiday. I feel blessed for family, friends and the bounty of life.

These handmade pilgrims are decades old but always grace our buffet on Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law, Virginia made them from a pattern in a magazine many, many years back. Denny remembers them from his childhood. They've held up well, considering. The bobble head turkey is a purchase from a trip to Mexico but he looks good next to Mr. and Mrs.
The meal was great. We were a group of ten around the table. My Dad made the trek up the cold, windy and wet driveway into our house with some help and enjoyed his few hours with us. He was the only guy with a tie, we teased.

The table and buffet were full and we stuffed ourselves. Someone, who will remain UN-named gets the prize for the heaviest plate.

And now?  The feast is behind us until next year. The table that once lay ready is now quiet, waiting to be disassembled for another day and time.

The last of the holiday visitors take leave today.


** photo of my Dad, turkey and holiday table courtesy of Tina M. Thanks!

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  1. I remember some wonderful and filling thanksgiving meals when I was in college. Thanks for sharing time with me.


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