Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I Want For Christmas (or anytime)

It's Saturday morning on an early December day. Christmas looms. Call me Scrooge because I am.

My most favorite past-time anytime of the year is to awaken whenever I please and lay in bed with my laptop, drinking coffee and being alone. Sometimes I surf the net. Sometimes I write. If it's a day when the trash trucks pull up outside to haul off recycling and yard waste, even better.  Purging and getting rid of the extraneous junk that piles up is pure heaven. I'm talking about the visible and invisible junk of my life.....let it all go.

The house is quiet. But, it's getting on past 10 AM and there is stuff calling to me to be done. I could stay here all day but the passing hours invariably trigger a sense of guilt that I ought be out there doing.

I need to visit Dad after a week's absence. Last weekend my brother was here to take Dad to church and spend quality with him at the AFH. A week is a long time in my Dad's life to go without a visit from me.

I also need to get organized for Christmas. Why do we do this "Christmas thing" to ourselves?  It's too much for those of us who are more depleted by the season than energized.

I feel like a mutant for writing this but in the interest of sincerity and honesty; this is it!

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