Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year Slips Away

Whoa....where did the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve go?  Days whiz by so fast, I strain to keep up mentally. The holidays are all but over for another year although the decorations remain, waiting patiently to be wrapped up and packed away.

January is on the way; a favorite month for me because of a sense of starting anew. What will the New Year bring?

Tonight we've no particular plans. Some years, I've turned in before the stroke of midnight but this year feel energetic enough to hang in there to watch the fireworks spew forth from the Space Needle (turning 50 years old this year!). Denny bought a bottle of champagne earlier today unbeknownst to me and has it chilling in the fridge. When I went out this afternoon to do a few errands, I bought a bottle of bubbly Italian Prosecco. Now we've two bottles; which one to drink tonight will be our major decision.

The house is empty; all the visitors from Houston returned home and Laura back to Spokane. The house is quiet. The cat sleeps peacefully. The heater turns on and then turns off. There are few sounds. Quiet.

A View Forward and Back
I don't like resolutions much but I'm hoping for favorable states of being in 2012: good health, energy, creativity, peacefulness, and fulfillment. All are within reach through that window on the future that reflects back at us with its mystery and magic.

Blessings for the New Year, 2012.

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