Monday, May 7, 2012

Shoes: Made in America

Shoes made in America?  You must be joking!  Ever taken a look at the inside of (every pair) your shoes to see from whence they come?  I did once and found that 100 percent came from China. 100 percent.

Today, I proudly purchased a "made in America" brand at  Bartell Drug Store, no less. My sister turned me on to these a few weeks ago. She has several pair and bought more this recent trip to Seattle. Yes, they're akin to "flip flops" but way better. What flip flops have you purchased lately that cost less than ten bucks and came with a two year warranty? Well, then... I didn't think so.

Check out Okabashi brand upscale flip-flops (aka zoris or thongs; yikes!; don't you love synonyms?) which come in a variety of colors and basic small, medium, large, xtra large sizes..They are MADE IN THE USA, recyclable and as noted, have a 2 year guarantee. The tag attached to the shoe indicates the shoes are also "dishwasher-safe, anti-microbial, slip resistant, and vegan friendly". Could you possibly ask for more?

Bartell Drug had them on sale. They were perfect for a gorgeous, sunny spring day and will be the go to shoe for the upcoming vacations to sea and sand.

Yay for Okabashi!

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  1. Don't you just love them. I wear my new solid black pair every day with all those shirts that now fit.


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