Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Lives On

Although the days get shorter and the light changed weeks back, Seattle is just now bursting into consistently lovely weather. Some say it is our "two weeks of summer". Maybe.  We've been blessed with cool temperatures for months compared to other parts of the country who are burning up with heat and humidity. There won't be any complaints from me about our weather however.

Our heater has been off since mid June. That's a good, energy saving thought. There hasn't been a single day that I've regretted NOT having air conditioning this summer. And, to top it off, the down comforter stayed on the bed this year; that's how cool it has been at night. Sweet all around.

Today has been a perfect day.  We went out on what the man calls, a peregrination about town to pick up this and that. At our last stop, we parked and two kids ran up offering lemonade or fruit punch from their stand curbside. With the warm sun hitting its zenith, the taste of that pink, icy cold lemonade was so good, we went back for seconds.

Ahhh, sweet summer.

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