Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Today was a great fun all around.

Denny and I drove up to see my Dad and take him for a spin in D's new car. The high tech stuff was of little interest to Dad but he definitely applauded the smooth ride and powerful pick-up. Who doesn't like to show off a new car?  Watching men pour over the chrome and guts of a new vehicle brings a smile to my face. They're such guys at times like these. I much prefer the "new car smell" which, so evanescent, is gone within a week.

Dad rides shotgun

That which hides under the hood mesmerizes....

We spent much of the day in Gig Harbor. Chris and Heather's new house looks more like a home every time we visit. I'm so happy for them; owing a home in one's mid twenties is commendable in these hard economic times. Good for you guys!

Tina and I joke that we have a new "grand-cat"; little Gus is just three months old and winning the hearts of all who enter Chris and Heather's door.  I remember back to our first home. Well before children, we parented cats Pearl and Bubba (the cat who refused to ever die; he lived for 21 years) and dogs Toby and Spike.

Gus in Heather's arms
We gals (and Shaun) slipped out of the house mid afternoon while the guys watched the Husky's game. We caught the first fall showing of the Northwest Glass Pumpkin Patch. What's that you ask?
An amazing display of hand blown decorative glass pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs created by local glass artisans  lined tables under an all weather tent. All were for sale. I thought they were beautiful and bought two. I've got my two pumpkins displayed on the family room mantel for now.  Check these out....

Pumpkins can be blue, can't they?

Orange anyone?

Tina and I wandered around the shops a bit; loved to learn that some of the clothing for sale at Coldwater Creek is "made in the USA"; the proud tags still hanging next to clothing similarly priced (I was glad to see made in the USA was no more expensive) sporting tags: "made in China". We may be making some slow, steady progress after all.

What's not to like about a day resplendent with family, friends, my best friend and his new car, pets, and an evening of television?  Very little.

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