Monday, September 26, 2011

Things She Told Me: #1

This mini-series of posts are memories I have of my Mom; things she told me, lessons learned, advice she gave, and in some cases how being where I am now in my life makes her words all the more interesting to me.

So; to my Mom, always ready to impart her wisdom--many thanks, much love and I will always miss you deeply.

When Mom and I shopped for my wedding, we found ourselves in the lingerie section of Foley's in Houston. This was the fall of 1977. I was 23. She was 60. I remember hunting around for a nightgown to take on my honeymoon.

"Buy something black", she advised. "Men love black negligee."  And then, a wry smile.

I felt like we had crossed a line. Maybe I was embarrassed. I don't remember that we said anything else about the subject after that. As I recall, I did buy something black but beyond that, no specific memory.

Today, I'd have no problem saying something like that to my daughter; neither of us would likely feel too weird about having that sort of  conversation. In 1977, with my Mom, this felt a bit odd.  But she was right: men do like black.

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