Sunday, July 24, 2011

When a House Becomes a Home

This weekend my son and his wife (C and H) moved into their first home. The relief was palpable on Friday when the key to the property was in hand, the loan funded, and the angst of six long weeks of on-again-off again delays finally behind them.  Closing on a house seems to stress the nerves to the max, rocketing the need for patience to extraordinary levels, pushing every button and pulling on the heartstrings at the same time. This particular home sale frustrated our young couple and their loved ones beyond belief , dragging on endlessly.  But, perseverance  paid off. After many false starts and changes to the moving plans, this past weekend was perfect in all regards. Great weather, plenty of help, and joy mixed with relief. 
The New House

By Saturday late morning there were four parents and a brother recruited to help with the offer of supportive advice, encouragement, and muscle power.  An army of young, energetic high school kids hit the scene even earlier to tackle the heavier physical stuff; packing and moving boxes of clothing, kitchenware, and furniture. Add to that at least three more strong guys with a van and pick up truck and you've got a band of MOVERS. Even the king size mattress came down a flight of stairs at the rental house and then up the stairs of the new home, muscled all the way by enthusiastic help. It was a sight to behold.

 The house is great; wonderful floor plan, roomy, and inviting. The surroundings are lush with green foliage, including a bank of evergreen extending from the back yard to the end of their property line which is shaped like a piece of pie with the deep point extending into the woods. The house abuts a greenbelt which will remain just, like private forest. I kidded that one could easily pitch a tent up on that hill behind the house and call the adventure a camping trip with benefits (kitchen and bathroom close by). Wild and wonderful; I'd love to live with the western sun peeping through that dense, living fence in summer when the long days can get a bit warm on the side of the setting sun.

Working people truly long for quick, energizing food after a morning's work. Four extra large pizzas bit the dust in no time along with soda and cookies to fuel the afternoon's labors. 

Another helper on her lunch break
cleaned and vacuumed
While the guys moved heavy stuff, changed locks, assembled beds and desks, Tina and I took on the vacated rental house several miles down the road. Prepared with Comet, sponges, paper towels and true grit we cleaned upstairs and down. I'm thinking we performed far more of a deep clean than required but, what the heck. Three hours later we were done and ready to close the door on that little adventure. We named ourselves the latest recruits to the Maid Brigade and posed for a photo with some of our cleaning gear and more fuel for the journey. Red Bull, as you can see.

I'm thinking we look pretty good, considering....
The guys on their end busted out the Rainier Beer to mark the (sort of) end to a long day.

And, perhaps the best shot of all.....good riddance to the For Sale sign. C and H; we are so proud of the new homeowners, barely in your mid twenties and off to a great start!


  1. I agree with Chris--Awesome post!!! :) It was a great and memorable weekend indeed! We are excited for C&H and the adventures that lie ahead in their new home.


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