Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red Bull Fuels Summer Days

I've always been a caffeine junkie, waking up every morning with the number one priority that first cup of coffee. My motto?  "Bad coffee is better than no coffee."  I'll drink almost anything that passes for coffee especially if it's bitter and strong. I'm going for the jolt, not the taste.

Along about 2 PM, I'm usually ready for another burst of caffeine induced attention-to-task. With the temperatures in the afternoon significantly higher than those in the morning when a cup of hot Joe works well, I typically turn to the iced Americano (heavy on the ice) in summer.

But now?  Cast your eyes above to view my latest discovery, sugar free of course. This little pick-me-up has been around for years but not in my repertoire. Until now..  Gotta love this icy cold aluminum can of rocket fuel, especially savored through a straw.

When my colleagues see me enjoying one of these treats they shake their heads knowingly. But, as I was before them, they are reluctant to go there. Why? Too symbolic of great need?  Not caffeine driven? Wary of the taurine and other additives in Red Bull?  I don't ask. I just drink, smile, and wait for the renewed energy to kick in.

Highly recommended if you like this kind of stuff.

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  1. I love this stuff, I think because it's carbonated. Mixes well with vodka, too, although that probably wouldn't be appropriate for a working afternoon :) Glad you're back blogging!


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