Saturday, July 30, 2011

She Has Guinea Pigs

My college roommate and I reasoned that a pair of guinea pigs would be a good idea the fall of our freshman year. I remember their names, burned into memory forever: "Rosetta" and " Sebastian". We kept them in the large bottom drawer of a desk (opened of course). I guess we were too cheap to purchase a proper cage. We had them for less than a month. Sebastian escaped from his makeshift "cage", found and ate an entire powdered donut, and died right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Ms. B flew home for Thanksgiving and took Rosetta with her (I know not how; probably in her large satchel purse) and left her  in the care of her younger sisters.  I was glad.

My daughter adores guinea pigs; so much that she now has four. This one above is not even a week old. The mama guinea, a belly growing and moving with waving legs, gave birth to but one offspring last Sunday. Huge baby. How could she ever birth a litter?

Sigh. There are males and females here. I'm worried about that.

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  1. I had a GP as a kid and loved it. We had a large house, but she could hear the fridge open from my bedroom and the squeaking would begin.

    Your daughter may know of this GP already, Papua Piig, but she has the cutest videos and stories of her GP and I look forward to meeting her at BlogPaws, the pet blogging conference this month.


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