Thursday, July 28, 2011

Annual Haircut

For weeks I've been asking my Dad if Mr. Buffy, the alpha male cat who shares the adult family home with several other subservient felines, submitted to his annual, summer shave.

"Not that I've seen....", he'd respond.

Until, tonight....Dad, who rarely calls me, picked up the phone to announce that "the cat had his haircut today".  Thanks for letting me know, Dad....I visited a couple of days later and found Sir Buffy camped out on his usual chair.

Why do I care?  Because Buffy looks really cute and makes me laugh. Although he may not appreciate his new look, I'm sure it's more comfortable in the summer.  His fur, a renewable resource, will be back to the long, shaggy look by October.

What I love is the feel of his warm body. A normal body temperature for a cat is 101.5 F. You'd never know this when an abundance of fur shields the full effect.

I know Buffy doesn't look too happy here. But, he never does. That's just him.


  1. I have been wondering how Buffy is doing this summer. He is so cute, with or without a full coat. He reminds me of Leo...

  2. Lion cuts are smile inducing, that's for sure. When I had a longhaired cat that hated brushing, I would shave him down, but all over so he didn't have that silly pompom tail or snarled ruff. Of course, now I have almost naked Sphynx and very short furred Cornish Rex and yes, they are like little hot water bottles, lol.


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