Monday, January 2, 2012

Trash, Yard Waste, Recycling and Swapapalooza

Monday, January 2nd and all is well. The trash, yard waste and recycling trucks all made a stop in front of our house today.

It's so wonderful to unload stuff.

I feel lighter already.

The good news is that most of that stuff was either biodegradable or recyclable; very little trash.

I'm starting in (slowly) on the closets, weeding out more stuff to give away or clothing to trade away at Swapapaloooza. This year I'll finally make to the big event in February. My niece, Jeanne is one of the founding members of what is now in its 4th year. Check out the web site and see what happens when women sort through their closets and trade away what is no longer worn but is still a great piece of clothing. Tremendous idea, Jeanne! I wonder what treasures I'll find this year.

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  1. Happy New Year, Kate!

    Letting go of stuff, going through things...definitely one of my goals this year. The swapapalooza sounds like a great idea!


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