Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visiting Dad

I try to visit my Dad every day that I'm NOT working. That could be two times a week at my busiest times or 4 times a week on a less busy stretch of time. When my brother and sister are in town, I scarcely (if at all) visit. Once they leave for home, my visits begin again, shorter, maybe an hour but often a bit less. My sibs stay with Dad for hours at a clip and take him out in the car for a drive, to church or they sit together, pouring over old letters and photographs. I think the local offspring (me) paints the background and the far afield children spice up the canvas with color and interest. The marathon vs the sprint, or some such analogy.

All this is O.K.  This is a practical and effective use of time. Dad appreciates all of it. He says so.

He'll be 95 in a month. Celebrations are in order. He's looking forward to his birthday and has mentioned it several times.

Today he gave me the Sunday NY Times which is his custom. I sat in the chair opposite him and flipped through the Book Review. I gave him the front section as is his interest. He never pulls the blue plastic wrap off the Sunday paper; he waits for me to arrive, open the paper and then we sit together. Reading.

He's doing amazingly well. For that, I'm grateful.


  1. I love your stories about your dad!

  2. Spent tonight at a sports pub with my dad watching the BCS championship game to cheer on my team Alabama Crimson Tide. We had a wonderful time together. I introduced him to spicy shrimp tacos, Stuffed potato skins, and Buffalo Wings. I had two Michelob Ultras and he had water! We had a great time.


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