Sunday, April 1, 2012

He Gives Good Advice (sometimes)...

This man of mine gives good advice. I suppose I ignore much of it but there are two bits of advice he's given me in the last few weeks that were spot on, one most recently as today. Thanks, hon.

1. "Are you crazy?": This in response to my good heart-ed idea that the six of us share a lovely 2 bedroom suite with a pull out bed in the living room area whilst staying in Houston for Carrie and Rob's wedding weekend. Turns out he was SO RIGHT, AND I WAS SO WRONG.  I told him as much which tickled him to no end. He loves it when I acknowledge his "rightness".  I just thought that sharing space might make for family bonding and sweet memories. I'm so glad we all had our own hotel rooms to retreat to after the frenzies of the days in Houston. Bottom line: we all need private time and space. No. Matter. What.

2. "You'll feel guilty if you don't". This  in response to my desire to vegetate this Sunday, all of this Palm Sunday prior to a 7 day stint on-call. He's referring to the fact that I didn't offer to take Dad to church today. So....I called him last night and asked if he would like to go. "Yes, I'd like that!", was his response. And so, because next weekend (Easter) I'm on call and can't take him, we went today.  It was good. Always good, and he was appreciative.

Communion: the breaking of bread
He's not a great fan of Communion Sunday, the first Sunday of each month but still, it was good and the right thing to do. He didn't feel too well this morning, was rather weak and unsteady on his feet, but he definitely wanted to go to church. The sun broke through the clouds intermittently, the temperatures were mild, and the skies were dry, for a change. All good.

I stopped at the QFC on our way back to the adult family home and bought him a bouquet of yellow daffodils. I hope the bright color cheers his spirits. I'll be busy all week and won't see him until Saturday.

Sitting next to him in church always reminds me how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Again, thank you dear husband for setting me on the "straight and narrow".


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