Sunday, April 8, 2012


Another week....gone. Time whizzing by has my head spinning. The "on call" weeks seem to fly by quickly but on the flip side can seem excruciatingly long. This was one of those "mixed" weeks with some very smooth days and some really rugged days. No pattern. Isn't that the way it always is?  A resounding: YES.

It's Easter. We've done nothing Easter-ish today. I've been reprimanded by my daughter for being totally out of synch with the season. She sent cards. I did nothing to mark the day except to visit my Dad with a bouquet of tulips and a wish for a "Happy Easter". No eggs, no chocolates, and definitely no church. Heathen.

I did take time to ponder the meaning of the day, however. Truly; I did. Today is the holiest day of the Christian year and I recognize the significance and respect deeply the blessing of a risen Lord. This, when I really allow myself to think, is reassuring and comforting. I'm more of a Universalist in my thinking but my roots are Christian and I believe even if others criticize and say one can only be "totally IN or totally OUT". I don't agree and we'll leave it at that.

The day is lovely. Warm, sunny with birds chirping in the trees and a gentle breeze blowing through open windows. Spring.

And so it is....

Happy Easter.

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