Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Third Grade in Aruba

 Thanks to my childhood friend, Ken C. who sent me this photograph by email yesterday. This picture was taken 50 years ago when we were in the 3rd Grade at Lago Elementary School in Aruba. Wow.  Ken's trying to identify everyone in the photo; he has a name assigned to most of those young faces which is amazing to me. Where are all these folks now?  A few are friends on Facebook and one is a member of my extended family (her older sister married my brother). As for the rest?  I'd love to know.
1962-63: 3rd Grade, ARUBA, N.A.

See if you can find me.


  1. And there you are, front and center. You look just perfect.

  2. Funny, picked you out immediately!! Awesome I had a pic sent to me recently from grade 3 also and I was amazed how much I looked like my mom lol


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