Sunday, August 12, 2012

So Sayeth Condoleeza Rice....

Condoleeza Rice delivered a wonderful commencement address to the graduating class of 2012 at Southern Methodist University this past May. She's such an impressive person. Her words to the 2100 young graduates bursting forth into the world after four years of higher education resonated with me. She had, among other comments, four specific bits of advice regarding the obligations and responsibilities of those educated persons.

-- "find and follow your passion"; the "something you really believe is a unique calling to you, in other words something you can't live without"

-- a "commitment to reason"

-- to "graduate with wisdom and humility"

-- to "remain optimistic"  and to "work towards human progress"

Love it.

On the topic of wisdom and humility, her words resonate deeply for me. She points out that strong beliefs aside, a wider vision, acknowledging that others have a right to their views is healthy. And, necessary.  She says.....

"There is nothing wrong with holding an opinion and holding it passionately. But at those times when you're absolutely sure that you're right, talk with someone who disagrees. And if you constantly find yourself in the company of those who say "AMEN" to everything that you say, find. other. company."

Find other company. Yes. Balance. Expand your thoughts. See what's out there. Respect. 

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