Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Surrender to the Day

Early Sunday morning Mom fell in her bedroom and broke her right hip. By mid afternoon of the same day she was out of surgery, the hip pinned successfully. The long road to recovery looms ahead. A fractured hip is an all too common complication of falls at her age and considering all the tumbles she's taken over the years, that it hadn't happened sooner is somewhat amazing. But still, this is a real setback for her. Recovery can be slow, frustrating, and incomplete. I only hope she has the will to push forward and the strength to hold up under adversity. We shall see. At least today she is interested in food, and although still in considerable pain, seems more alert and engaged in what is going on around her.

Dad had his dental extractions last Friday and an appointment with his dentist today for the preliminary fitting of his new partial plate. After three weeks of looking like a Halloween pumpkin whenever he smiled, he now has a full set of teeth again. He too is frail and fell on Saturday but fortunately suffered no injuries. I watched him today navigate with his walker from his bedroom to the living room and it is slow going, plodding and deliberate. He drank two Ensure chocolate shakes while I was there with him and we watched Dr. Phil and part of Judge Judy, the typical afternoon pattern. I'm grateful that MM is staying with him at night while Mom is in the hospital.

Right now life unfolds one day at a time. I can't think about next week; I don't know where Mom will be and I don't know how Dad's needs will be met. It's hard to get invested in any specific plan when things could change so quickly. Predictably unpredictable. Irregularly irregular. So for now I will try not to ask the big questions because there will be no answers. This will be an unfolding of events that we will experience as the moments occur.

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