Sunday, October 14, 2007

Having Fun on I-5

Laura is home for a three day weekend and she and boyfriend Jesse have been around a lot. I'm glad of this because sometimes when she is "home" she really isn't and we never see her. This trip has been different. Friday night we had a nice meal together and Saturday morning another great breakfast with Chris at Bay Cafe. Today she, Jesse and I went to visit Mom and Dad at MG, brought them a Brita filter water pitcher (which will cut down on all the plastic water bottles that Mom goes through because the "MG water is terrible.") and spent some time chatting. Just before we left, I asked Laura what she had planned for the rest of the afternoon and she said, "Oh, Jesse and I are driving up to the outlet mall in Marysville." to which I responded, "Wow, I'm jealous, I'd really like to go the outlet mall." to which she and Jesse both added, " Let's all go; it'll be fun".

And, it was fun. It was great fun. Mind you, I don't like freeways, especially I-5 which I've named the highway of death (morbid me). Much less, I don't like driving with young drivers (still won't drive with Laura although I've got to get over that), especially if I don't know how they operate weapons of mass destruction like vehicles barreling up I-5 north at 5 miles above the speed limit for thirty five miles. The stretch of highway between Northgate and south Everett is merciless but I figured it was time to let go and experience something new, especially when the destination held such pull.

Jesse's souped up car is an experience. Although I was offered the front seat ("wanna ride shotgun, Mom?") I declined and enjoyed the view from the back seat whizzing by at 70 miles an hour from the far left express lane of the freeway. The noise factor surprised me; much like sitting in the rear of an MD-80 jet right by the engine. No way to talk, hear, or be heard so we listened to CDs spewing all manner of hip-hop, rap, country, pop, rock at decibels that managed to overpower the jet engine. Ahhhhh. I let go and allowed Jesse's youthful confidence to prevail; with one hand on the wheel and the other on my daughter's hand he roared us down the highway to and from the outlet mall. I must say, he IS a good driver and I am a most discerning critic. He reminded me of JT, another very good driver.

As for the mall, it provided and we partook although we did split up as our interests were vastly different. I shopped for myself and Denny while Laura spent her available cash on a much coveted Coach purse (I'll never get to own one I feel certain...perhaps I'll get a hand-me-down). I'm so practical that the same amount of my cash bought four tops and a jacket for me and two sweaters and a T shirt for Denny. Ahhhhh, the choices we make. It's all good.

And now we are home. I will settle back into my usual routine but certainly will enjoy those new clothes I purchased today. Tomorrow Laura heads back to school and our brief time together will be over. It has been nice. Sweet. And, fun.

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  1. Your experience of riding in the back seat of Jesse's car reminded me of Mom in the back seat when we tore down to Laredo across south TX with Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson on the tapes. I am really happy that you enjoyed yourself.


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