Monday, October 29, 2007

Stir and Make a Wish

More Christmas Pudding buzz... (see post from yesterday)

Yesterday, MM toted the pudding around town for family to stir and make a wish. This is tradition with the pudding but this year was extra special because four generations participated and others outside the family joined in as well. The pudding made it up to the hospital rehab unit where Mom inspected our work and pronounced it "well done". She remarked on the wonderful smell; just like Christmas with all the spices and the richness of the ingredients, including the rum.

During a common group session on the rehab unit, the pudding was part of the gathering, amazing as that sounds. Mom was asked to explain the significance of the tradition and then everyone passed the pot around, took a stir, and made a wish. The collective hopeful energy of all who participated makes this a very special pudding indeed.

All this buzz about the Christmas Pudding may have launched Mom into a new place; she seems more determined to get past the physical setback of a fractured hip. And, sharing the enthusiasm with her co-patients on the rehab unit probably helped all of them as well. Surely it is comforting to realize that one is not alone with the miseries of a physical challenge. I suspect that sometimes the best support for the journey comes from others also in the process of healing and recovery.

And now, the pudding in its red metal pot, is at my house in the refrigerator waiting for another application of rum and the finishing touch of the steam bath planned for later this week. Denny and Chris took a stir and a made wish and I stirred the pot again too. There is no such thing as too many wishes, is there?

Oh, and check out the luminous glow emanating from Mom's heart as she stirs; I believe the camera can catch what we often miss. This is energy, light, and passion all in one.

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  1. Okay, Kate, I have figured out who you are...your mother's slightly crooked smile was one of the give-aways...and then you mentioned MM. The reference to Ithaca was another tidbit that went immediately to your parents...for I know they were at Cornell and Crane. I remember when you were born, Kate! My stepmother was a second grade teacher. She had me embroider something for you and we gave it to your mother when we went to visit you for the first time. John is in the class behind me, and, of course, Mary Margaret is a few years ahead! I remember John wanting to show me "Mom's rosebuds, and being a little apprehensive...what did he want to show me??? Well, you had rosy red feet...Mom's rosebuds!

    Tell your mother hello from Sue Gravendijk when you see her, next time, please!


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