Friday, November 9, 2007


Dreams are so weird. I know that we all dream all the time but it has been a long time since I've awoken to a dream in progress. Today I slept in and the buzz on my cell phone signaling an incoming text message yanked me from the dream into the real world. It was just after 9 AM (shocking). It wasn't until I was all the way downstairs, pouring milk into my morning coffee a few minutes later that I realized I had been dreaming when the real world intervened. Sorry that I couldn't go back to this illusive world just to see what would happen led me to (QUICK) get the computer on so I could write down what I remembered. The threads of dreams fade quickly as if they are wisps of chemicals in the brain that morning circulation quickly dissipates. I rarely remember details of dreams an hour later if I don't write them down.

Unlike Mom, my dreams are rarely scary but just very weird. I find myself in places I've never been and in settings that are new. Despite the tension, I want to be where I am because I usually have a goal and want to see how things play out. But, I never seem to get there; lots of build-up with convoluted twists and seemingly insensible turns as the story progresses but I'm always awakened before the dream is over. Perhaps those dreams that are over we don't remember and it is only those that are interrupted that we retain. (?)

This dream, without going into details, carries the common theme of wishing, wanting, and desiring coupled with tentativeness, awkwardness, and caution such that whatever the goal may be, I just never get there. That's why I always yearn to go back into the dream when I awaken just to see if perhaps, I'll get there.

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