Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Efferdent, Wedding Cards, and Beer

Last night at Covenant Group meeting my cell phone, buried in the pocket of my jeans, buzzed. We keep our phones off or at least on silent during our gathering so as not to be distracted but when the caller ID indicated the apartment at Merrill Gardens, I felt compelled to answer. I got up, walked into Eileen's bathroom and found Dad at the other end of the line sounding quite upbeat, almost chipper. Earlier in the day I had written my cell phone number in large font on a piece of paper he keeps by the telephone.

"Hi there, Kitty Kat, it's your Dad here".

"Oh, Hi Dad, what's up? Are you OK?"

"Yep.......I need Efferdent. (pause). And, I talked to Mary Margaret today and I'd like to get a card for the wedding".

I knew what wedding he was talking about; a man and woman, both in their 80's and residents at Merill Gardens met there and fell in love. They're getting married soon and a reception is planned for this weekend. Dad is quite fond of them both and received an invitation to the reception to be held at Merrill Gardens. Dad was quite touched to be included. He eats breakfast with these two most mornings.

"Sure, Dad. I'll get you a card, and the Efferdent tomorrow. Do you need anything else?"

I always want to make my trips to the store as efficient as possible but that's a tall task these days. I live at Bartells and Albertsons.

"Yep......pick me up a six pack of beer, OK?"

"Absolutely. Talk to you later, Dad. Goodnight."

Dad's always a man of few words on the phone. Just the facts and essentials are good enough for him.

And then, I went back to my group.

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  1. I laughed out loud. Dad is liking his beer these days.


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