Monday, December 10, 2007

Anniversary Roses

Here they are; 5 reds and a white.....the pattern to be savored in this moment but never to be repeated. We are always moving forward.

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  1. Thought about yall yesterday. Happy anniversary. I remember your wedding in bits and pieces. I remember I had a floor length cream colored dress. That I convinced one of Denny's ushers to "slow dance" with me. I also remember getting in trouble with my dad because at some point in the evening I couldn't take the long dress anymore and decided to go upstairs and change into a ratty pink t-shirt dress and come and dance to the band. I was sent back upstairs to immediately change. Hmmmm....all my memories of YOUR wedding are of ME - shows that I was definitely a kid (everything is about me). =) Again, happy anniversary.


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