Saturday, December 29, 2007

Feline Stand Off

This shot was taken last week of our cat facing off with his arch rival through the glass at our back door. This is a scene we witness frequently. Sometimes we give in to temptation, open the door, and let the cat out to chase (or fight...we are "bad") his sometimes playful friend and other times his enemy. We never quite know for sure what the dance of the day will be.

Our cat we inherited from Jeanne and Dan last summer; his official name is "Boo" but we call him "Boo Raton" and sometimes "Boo Raton Katon" whatever that means. His unknown rival is a fierce opponent and we call him "Pinhead" or ofttimes the "Felon". Both are equally descriptive of his appearance and persistence. We know not where he comes from but I suspect he belongs to someone as he is well fed and fierce.

These beasts delight us and allow us into another world, away from the challenges of being human.

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