Friday, December 14, 2007

Indulging in the Ribald

These days it seems possible to find almost anything you want on the Internet if you spend a bit of time searching. This continues to amaze me and in this case makes me feel less like a freak for finding just what I was seeking last night on YouTube. I take comfort in knowing that someone other than Denny and I find this clip from the mostly dumb 1987 flick Dragnet, with Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks (wow, he looks young), as raucously funny as we do. This is my indulgence in the ribald, a word I recently re-discovered and which applies perfectly to this scene where agents Joe Friday and Pep Streebek interview a witness at the front door of her home. Played by the late actress Kathleen Freeman (1919-2001), she portrays a feisty, outrageously hilarious landlady who has been wronged by her former tenant and villain Emil Muzz.

If you are courageous and don't mind raucous (and ribald) language, check out this YouTube clip that explains all. This scene never fails to make me howl with laughter and if there comes a time when it doesn't, I'll be ready to cash it in.

This post is quite a contrast to my usual but it's just another facet of the authentic me. Mom always says I didn't learn this language at home and she's right. Although she thinks I learned it from my husband, that's not exactly true either. What is true is that quite a few of these quotes from the clip appear in the everyday banter between Denny and me; we've collected a number of them over the years and I'll just leave it at that. Ha!

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