Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloggy Ambivalence

I haven't posted a blog in 15 days.

Fifteen days is my longest interval of time without a post since the launch of Ahead of the Wave nearly 2 years ago. A deep ambivalence about writing, a kind of paralysis, and an inability to process all the big and little things going on in my life put a sudden halt to my creativity. I also started to question myself, my motivations for blogging and whether the risks were bigger than I was willing to take. Many questions. No answers.

I miss posting and have been touched by the gentle email queries from friends..."What's up?" and "Are you OK?" and "I'm thinking of you."

Life moves on. Some days are good, many not so good. But, I sense that the dust may be starting to settle and maybe, just maybe I can see myself anticipating the next blog post, feeling the creative spirit at work, basking in the wonder of words.


  1. And here I was thinking that you were spending your days shopping and lunching and catching up with Laura!

  2. I understand. I'd be happy with just an X every once in awhile, to know you're out there.

    I am so sorry there's been so much to deal with, for whatever reason, some of which I think we have shared. I too thought you might just be absorbed in your daughter's return. Selfishly, glad you're back. Hang in there!

  3. Welcome back, Kate. You have been missed.

  4. well we have been hanging lots but hang in there mom!!!

  5. Welcome back. I know how you feel, I think I'm going tthru a patch of that myself lately.

  6. Terrific that you are writing here again. How about Chicago?


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