Monday, May 18, 2009


Check this out.

Last fall I gathered up all the pots, some full of soil and some empty and dragged them to the south side of our house, a shady spot, semi protected from wind and just a good place to store this stuff before time comes for re planting in the spring/summer. I usually up-end the pots as you can see here.

This is what I saw a couple of weeks ago when tulips were blooming elsewhere in the garden.

Obviously, there were a couple of tulip bulbs embedded in that up-ended potting soil all winter. And, like the rest of the tulips in the garden, the mystery unlocked in early spring and the bulbs unfolded their green sprouts, hungry for the light. How hard was it for these two stalks to find the hole in pot, the path to glory? I'll never know but successful they were and the blooms are proof. There's not much light on the south side of our house but somehow.... this orange beauty is basking in a ray.


  1. Hi, Kate, I'm so excited...I've been away and then busy since I got back to Tampa. I just took a peek at your blog. I'm so happy that you've returned! I've missed reading you! (and just was thinking that I needed to get back to writing you so that you'd send me something back!) I love your picutes and little vignette today! Thank you! I love checking in with your blog! Keep it up, Girl!

  2. This is why I love finds a way. Clearly these tulips want to live and thrive and so they do. They find a is good reminder to me. THANK YOU for posting!

  3. What a metaphor for persistence! Lovely.

  4. WOW. Amazing huh? I mean, that's more profound than the idea of a daisy growing from a sidewalk crack. There are so many rich lessons right there in that picture... so many and at the same time, one big old simple one. Thank you for putting this before me today.

  5. Now that's a reason to keep trying if ever there was one. Where there's a will, there's a way.


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