Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Thoughts about Mentors

I wrote my last post about the loss of a mentor. If we're lucky, we have many mentors on life's journey. Professional mentors. Life mentors. Spiritual mentors.

I am fortunate to have had two professional mentors. One is now gone; gone before I could write him the letter that I've been composing in my head since the last time I saw him at his retirement party in Little Rock over five years ago. Lesson learned: write those letters, say those words of thanks now, when you can. Our next day is never guaranteed. Opportunities evaporate into mist.

My goal is to get a letter of thanks out in the mail to mentor #2 before another week passes. Lesson taken.


  1. Good that you are writing the letter right now to the second mentor. And hope you plan to attend the celebration of your first mentor's life. Don't regret not going. It may even give you a jumpstart.

  2. Right. It's experiences like this that remind us of our obligations....I am thumbing through my address book as we speak.

  3. That's the thing about life lessons ~ they keep on coming. It's when we pay attention that our life changes. Thanks for the reminder.


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