Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and other things....

Today is Halloween, traditionally a very happy day in my book. I love everything about this day; the decorations, the snack size candy (even though you can get it all year long, it seems to taste better this time of year), the carved pumpkins illuminated by candles, the costumes on young and old alike....and on it goes. Now that D and I no longer have little ones to take "trick or treating", we often leave the bowl of candy on the front porch and take to the streets of Magnolia to witness the magic. Tonight will be no exception.

We carved our two pumpkins the other night. The exercise is as much about "harvesting" the pumpkin seeds (D roasts/salts them in the oven and we snack off of them for days) as it is about avoiding a sliced finger as we create strange faces in the flesh of pumpkins. I admire what very talented carvers can do with these orange orbs; well beyond the triangular cut-out eyes and nose and goofy grin (see above).

I think back to last year, 2008; D and I arrived in Amsterdam in the early morning hours of Halloween Day. We flew into Florence several hours later to begin our visit with Laura who was studying abroad in Italy for the year. Halloween was no big deal in Florence. We saw nary a pumpkin anywhere. We saw one family in costume with two young children in tow and that was about it.

Today, thoughts pull me from too much focus on Halloween except as I write this blog. I keep thinking about the big celebration upcoming just two weeks from today, Chris and Heather's Wedding Day. So much to think about, remember, plan for, ponder; my mind is a swirl of emotions. Early this morning Chris headed out for his day-long Bachelor Party, his Best Man picking him up at 8 AM for a day of events and celebrations. Is all this really happening? The days unfold and we move closer to a very important event. We're blessed to have so many family and friends journeying from near and far to honor these two wonderful people.

And so I sit and think, look out on the day, muse, and am grateful for the season and the bounties of life.


  1. I'm handing out candy and enjoying all the LOVE halloween!

  2. It IS an exciting time... and so much goes on between Halloween and New Years so it's adding yet another family gathering. It's going to be a very wonderful few days around the wedding, I can just feel it. I saw something in their faces from photos you posted of them that makes me think that. I wish you well in your savoring of these minutes and days, and look forward to news as things unfold.

  3. How time flies, we should enjoy every moment of it. Life is good despite hardships. :-)


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