Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hoping and Praying....

He remarked today, "My, you've taken time off from work to travel to Spokane (for Fall Family Weekend) and yet here you are taking me to the doctor three days in a row this week."

"Yeah, Dad, you're right. It's the vagaries of my crazy work schedule. Thank goodness I've got the time."


This week I don't work until Friday. If I had looked forward to a block of free days, the universe clearly had other plans for me. My Dad, fortunately not sick-sick, has needs that involve visits to multiple medical specialists this week. As the doctor-daughter, I accompany him and as he acknowledges, "know what ropes to pull" to make the most of his appointments.

The goal is to get him feeling better. I believe we may be making some progress. Slowly.

I have to admit that I'm hoping beyond hope that his health holds steady. Two weeks from now Denny and I leave town for our son's wedding. Mom and Dad won't be attending, a fact that makes me sad but one that I accept. Traveling at age 92 when both are in fragile health is ill advised.

As Dad and I drive back and forth to the clinic this week, I'm finding myself praying mightily that he rallies. Please; no calamities of health for neither Mom nor Dad while we are out of town celebrating this once in a lifetime event.


  1. Your family is in my thoughts, all positive for this special time.

  2. I empathize. When my daughter and her fiance set the wedding date for 17 months later, I couldn't help but think, "That's so far off!" and wonder, "Will I be in treatment? Will I be okay?" Given my history of repeated recurrences, it's a natural thought.

    Within seconds -- seriously, just a moment later -- I reassured myself, "It will be what it will be. Worrying won't help anything and will spoil otherwise joyful anticipation."

    Have you figured out what you would do if a crisis arose? Do you have someone who could take over and take good care of your parents in the event of a problem? Having a plan could take away much of the worry but, more importantly, would mean everyone would get their needs met, if something came up.

    Sending wishes that everything goes smoothly, and you savor the celebratory milestone. Looking forward to your photos after the big day.

    with hope, Wendy

  3. I do hope he is feeling better now, since I am reading this late.


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