Monday, January 18, 2010

Chapter 37: Says it All

From The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

Chapter 37
Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

My daughter is just 18 months, so I can't tell her this now, but when she's old enough, I want Chloe to know something a female colleague once told me, which is good advice for young ladies everywhere. In fact, pound for pound, it's the best advice I've ever heard.

My colleague told me: "It took a long time, but I've finally figured it out. When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it's really simple. Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do."

That's it. So here it is for Chloe.

And, as I think about it, some day it could come in pretty useful for Dylan and Logan too.


In recent days, I've given this short chapter a lot of thought. Randy and his female colleague are spot on. Best advice I've ever heard also. I'm praying that someone dear to me is listening and will consider paying close attention to "what they do".


  1. I hope they do too. It was a hard lesson for me to learn to watch actions - not listen to words.

  2. So true, but maybe this is something learned through experience? I feel as thought this lesson becomes more "obvious" the older I get...

  3. I will remember these words...and hope for my next relationship to be as good as my last...


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