Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Feast

According to Margaret Mason who writes about how to blog effectively, no one cares what you had to eat. I'm not so sure about that; hence I've chosen to ignore her advice.

Yesterday, January 1, 2010, my dear husband prepared a feast which rocked my world. We had family over to celebrate some great old fashioned southern flavors that worked well together in a grand New Year's spread.

The pea soup, creamy and rich (no lumps) was divine. The black eyed peas flavored with a ham hock were just-right spicy and will surely bring Good Luck to all who ate (the children at the table) even one pea. The mustard greens reminded me again how beautifully an enormous looking bundle cooks down in a tasty broth of onion and bacon drippings (ahhh.) As for cornbread cooked in a skillet and served with a honey butter spread, what more can I say that would add more delight to the very thought of eating a wedge of this heavenly dish?

This year's feast was special because we had family over to share; my brother, sister, two nieces and their families. Absent but not forgotten were Chris and Heather, Laura, and Mom and Dad. But, there were leftovers (that taste even better the second day) to share with those that couldn't make the party.

Happy 2010!!!!

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