Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend in Spokane

Quiet college apartment; I am the only one awake. This is not surprising when I am the middle aged mother visiting a daughter who shares her place with two other young women in their very early twenties. I drove from Seattle yesterday for several reasons:

1. to deliver my daughter's car back to her (how her car ended up in Seattle is a long story and isn't relevant to this post necessarily)

2. to provide emotional support to my daughter in the midst of a rough patch in her life

As I started this post, I thought...."Gee, wouldn't it be nice if I were here for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships?" (an event going on here in Spokane for the last ten days or so....). Today is the last day. Not even knowing what the event of the day (pairs, ice dancing, women's, men's), I thought......what the hell. Let me see if there are any tickets left.

And.....because the competition is officially over as of last night, today's event is The Skating Spectacular. Yes!

Laura and I will likely be up in the 'nosebleed' section for this event but just to see all the magnificence and talent on the ice will be fantastic. We have tickets!!!
Gotta run.

Laura is now up, preparing breakfast for me and then we'll get dressed and head to the Spokane Convention Center to see the best U.S. skaters!


  1. Applause for your idea. It sounds like it will be wonderful nose bleed or not. Being at those kinds of things just charges you with energy. Look forward to hearing how it was. I am so glad you are there. I bet she is too.

  2. Spontaneous outings are fun. Sometimes plans come together best when they're made at the last minute. I'm betting Laura is glad to have you visit, and an outing is welcome "icing on the cake."

  3. What a wonderful outing, Kate. Hope you two had a great time.


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