Sunday, January 31, 2010

Senior's Discount


I don't know how I should feel about receiving my first "senior's discount" at a diner in Marblemount, Washington, a tiny little village along the Skagit River. Denny and I ate there yesterday for lunch. We were on an outing to see the bald eagles who make their migratory path south each winter and spend weeks along the Skagit River feeding on salmon.

When the check came Denny remarked that we got a 10 percent "senior's discount". Yikes! Let's only hope their definition of a senior is someone 50 or older. Otherwise, I'd say we looked weary and worn yesterday, older than usual. I suppose it has to happen sometime.

We did see a few eagles by the way. Gorgeous birds. My pair of binoculars was nothing compared to the telescopes professional birdwatchers had set up. A glimpse through those lenses brought up the image of an eagle perched on the high branch of a pine across the river into sharp view. The eyes, that see with 12 x the acuity of human eyes, were likely staring right back at me.

Factoids: Female bald eagles are larger than males and the lifespan is up to 30 years. Bald eagles mate for life.


  1. I don't know about the senior's discount. I keep shredding the mailings from AARP. I'm just not ready to go there....

    I like the fact that eagles mate for life. There is something comforting about that.

  2. OMG I wish I were with you! I can't imagine how magnificent it would be to see these birds in the wild, even if it needed binocs. We have one at the zoo who had hurt it's wing and was unable to survive in the wild. I stand by it's open, airy habitat and am just mesmerized by it's majesty, and sitting there so close to me too.

    And I totally understand about the senior discount. My girlfriend who is 67 told me, you'll love it when it comes to movie discounts and $$ of on things like transportation. But seeing as you are not yet seniors, and the waitress just gave you the discount. Was she 20 something?

  3. I remember we used to see an eagle that nested in a tree on Foster Island, just south of the Montlake cut. They are amazing birds - big. They look like a big old bowling pin sitting up in the branches.

  4. It almost killed me the first time I asked for a senior discount at the movie. I mean, I could barely choke the words out of my mouth. Now, I'm practiced and unashamed.

  5. I've never seen one! So amazing. Maybe chalk the discount up to someone who has no grasp of age or maybe just wanted to give you a deal.

  6. Haha, fact they recently renamed Elderhostel! It's now Exploritas! And I qualify for anything I can get for 55's and older!


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