Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Guys with February Birthdays

February 8th was Dad's 93rd Birthday and here are four generations of the local Seattle family celebrating. Today, nine days later, Chris's 24th Birthday arrives. For years Chris and his Grandfather have joked about their birthdays being so close together that they should combine them and have One. Big. Party. We never actually did that, but it was a good idea.

Today Denny and I took Chris out to lunch. Since all three of us work downtown it was easy to get away and meet up for a special meal. Turns out that the restaurant we chose offered a free meal to anyone celebrating a birthday (as long as you could prove it with a driver's license!). Sweet.

Happy Birthday, son! Your Dad and I are so proud of you!

P.S. 24 years ago tonight, after Chris was wheeled down the hall in a tiny bassinet to the nursery, I was so excited, exhausted, and exhilarated that I couldn't sleep. I turned on the TV and watched a movie. Which one was on? Flashdance. I'd seen it half a dozen times before but it was just as good, if not better the night of February 17, 1986. Funny the details one remembers about the biggest days of our lives.


  1. My older son turns 28 next week. I know what you mean about the details. I remember timing contractions while watching "Ivanhoe" on TV. His "birth" day was Fat Tuesday.

  2. Great photo! Nice to see everyone smiling!!


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