Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dad's 93rd Birthday

Earlier this week Dad celebrated his 93rd Birthday. I've blogged about his 92nd and his 91st birthdays but must say, this one was the most fun of the three. The adult family home where Mom and Dad live makes a big deal out of Birthdays. The activity coordinator contacted me weeks ago to find out what we should do and the event was well planned. This picture to the right shows Dad talking on the phone with Ms. Laura who couldn't be there. I love to see my Dad smile.

A local swing band consisting of 3 men (sax, drums, guitar) and a woman (keyboard) provided the background music and we had cake, ice cream, punch, popcorn and of course.....dancing. Dad was delighted to have 3 of his grandchildren (including the newlyweds) and 4 great grandchildren show for the celebration. Even D left work early to join the party. 93 years is a big deal.

Good. Precious. Times. The very young, the very old, and the in-betweens. That's what it's all about. I'm convinced.


  1. Music is Love, and brings out the youth in all of us. I told my therapist I will really know when I am feeling good, when I start listening to music again. What a wonderful celebration, smiles abound!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your Dad.

  3. That's a wonderful smile!! Happy birthday indeed.


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