Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aruba on my Mind

My brother and his family, plus extended family (and friends), are in Aruba right now enjoying the sunshine, white sand beaches and laid back "One Happy Island" attitude. I'm thrilled for them and deep down wishing I could be there too. Aruba will always be "home" to me. I haven't been back since 2001; way too long.

Quite by surprise, I received an email in my in box this morning from an ex-Lago-ite (read: former Aruban, like me) named Steve who was in my brother's high school class long, long ago at the American school in Aruba (where my Dad was principal for 27 years). Steve happens to be in Aruba right now too. The island is small enough that people find out who else is visiting; it isn't too hard. He'd been able to locate my brother and arrange a visit.
Anyway, attached to Steve's email were photographs he'd taken of what he knows is my most favorite location on the entire island of Aruba.....the backside of Colorado Point. The natural bridge and the ocean blue.....the place where my ashes belong whenever that time comes. The calm of these photos is unusual and Steve pointed that out in his comments saying, "Very light winds in Aruba at present; calm seas and very clear water. "

These are Steve's photos. He has graciously allowed me to use them in whatever way I see fit. The photograph above shows the natural bridge with water so still it looks like you could jump in, cool off and swim. Not. Deceptively calm. In fact, getting down this close where ocean and jagged rock intersect is something I've never done, choosing instead to behold the magnificence from the ledge above. Here are two more photographs from Steve featuring a usually roiling sea, made still by lack of pounding northeast trade winds. Check out this earlier post of mine and compare the photographs which show the more violent side of Colorado Point.

I love this last shot; the earth's curvature apparent or an illusion?

Aruba has been on my mind of late. I'd love to take my family again; Chris and Heather, Laura, and Denny. I see us hiking about Colorado Point. I can see the awe on their faces; a first for Heather, a repeat performance for the other three and for me but nonetheless a sight that settles into the soul forever. Fundamental. Deep. Everlasting.


I'm coming home.


  1. Definitely hope you can get that trip on the calendar!

  2. There really must be something like telepathy! When I posted the excerpts from my Aruba letters on facebook, I hadn't read this post.
    To me, Aruba was my Garden of Eden. However, I have to say, I have never been back there. I also think that I will go back there when my life comes to a close...

  3. (The above comment was posted by Tina).


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