Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Wilderness to the Big City

My upcoming week is all about contrasts of locale and intention. From feet soaking in the icy cold Nooksack River to feet pounding the pavement of the Big Apple, I'll take it all in and focus on the present moment. Hopefully.

It's Saturday and I'm preparing for a two day tent camping trip into the North Cascades with Denny. One of  our most favorite places in Washington is a campground near Mt. Baker, 40 miles east of Bellingham. When the kids were young we camped in this glorious locale annually, for several years in tents and in later years hauling our sturdy Coleman "pop-up" trailer which offered more amenities like a kitchen, toilet, and shower. As the kids grew older, they (and we to some degree) lost interest in hiking and camping so we let many years pass taking other types of vacations (like cruises across the ocean blue). Now that our children are grown, it'll be just D and me on this camping trip. We're planning a hike, one of the hikes we attempted but never finished back in the day because someone in our foursome (who will remain nameless) wore flip flops instead of tennis shoes and we didn't realize until we exited the car at the trail head some15 miles from the main road. Sigh.We always vowed we'd come back to take that hike "someday". 

My favorites when camping?  Drinking wine with my feet in the rushing river. Sleeping in the tent with the only sound the river water flowing over stones and boulders twenty yards away. Drinking my morning coffee to the smell of wood smoke and the sound of a crackling fire. Glorious.

We'll just arrive home from the "wilderness" and I'll shift gears to begin packing my bag for New York City and the BlogHer Conference. I'll be bringing comfortable but stylish clothing,  some uber cute shoes, make-up bag, and laptop; ready to take in all the conference offers as well as the sights and sounds of the Big City.

I understand there's a bed bug infestation in NYC. Guess that will be my connection back to wilderness and nature. 

Quite a contrast.

Loving it.


  1. Gorgeous scenery! (Tina)

  2. It's been decades since I've camped! How lovely to do so there. I would love a chance at it again.


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