Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st and Brrrrr It's Cold

Seattle Metropolitan Area
Weather to Expect:
A cool and wet start to July with temperatures struggling to reach 60 degrees in Seattle today. Showers continue through tonight and will be sticking around tomorrow. Overnight lows are running in the upper 40s and low 50s.

Hey!  This is July 1st and the house is downright cold. I'm tempted to turn the heat on again (after deciding 2 weeks ago to turn it off for the summer) but I won't. Guess I'll bundle up, get in bed with a heating pad and read. What's going on with our summer? 


  1. Oh dear, we're at least getting a bit of sunshine (so they say) though our 4th of Julys are usually fog encased.

  2. That reminds me of me! When I get cold, I don't turn on the heat, I get a heating pad or a bath with hot water...the only difference is that this happens in the winter! In the summer if I am too cold, it is because Ed turned down the thermostat so I turn off the A/C! Right now it is muggy and hot and I went to the gym which made it worse so now I will jump in the pool to cool off! Guess that is the difference between Seattle and Tampa!

  3. We got your summer this year. Last year in June we had 26 days of rain. This year summer actually started in June for the first time in recent memory. Today we had temps in the 70's, and this weekend we are expecting 80's and sunshine. I'm sending you summer vibes....

  4. It's only in the 60s here in L.A. - and the east coast is roasting - what's up with that?


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