Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Lull

Not sure what is going on with me and this blog just now. I feel a pull to write but then when I open up the blank page, nothing comes to me. Dry. But why?

I'm busier at work for sure. But still, usually I have plenty of ideas and thoughts swimming around in my head.

Not so just now. Everything is just fine. I'm just spending my spare time reading, watching TV, playing with the cat, visiting my Dad, and going to work. I'm hoping this is just a temporary hiccup in my devotion to the written word.

I'll be back...could be very soon. A lull.


  1. You're probably going through what I call a "gestation" period, when you're working through ideas at a deeper level -- and not ready to approach them yet. I love the idea of gestation; it sounds so female.

  2. We all have lulls. Frustrating when they happen, but often you come back bursting with words. Do good things for yourself. It will come.

  3. Sometimes we need a 'virtual vacation' where we don't go anywhere but take time off from anything extra, anything that we can let go of while we mentally rest up and regroup. When it happens for me, the harder I push the longer it takes to 'come back.'


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