Monday, January 24, 2011

Resisting the Cravings of the Mind

It's Day 2 of the South Beach Diet and I'm functional but not feeling too great.Cravings abound and I'm pouting about my state of deprivation.

Background: In my early fifties, I got disgusted with the extra pounds that insidiously crept up on me. I rarely get on the scale but back then, I succumbed and was floored when I weighed what I was in my 9th month of pregnancy! I wanted to get that weight OFF and thought South Beach might work for me; not as radical (and meaty) as Atkins and more liberal with regard to (good) carbs after the first two weeks.  Good (and bad) carb addict that I am, I'm convinced my body goes into major spasm, shock, and disbelief when the bread, rice, pasta...not to mention the cookies and chocolate, vanish. GONE!

My first experience with this diet lasted about a month; the first two weeks I was very strict and the last two less so but basically trying to be "good". I lost the pounds, shed them like weight taking a run for the hills. Sounds like I'm bragging but this one really WORKED. Even off the diet, but exercising, I maintained myself pretty well.....

Until....this past year when...slothful inactivity, ice cream, and late night snacking got me into the same trouble. Again.

My clothes started feeling tight once again and I noticed that the feel of my "fat jeans" was oh-so-comfortable. Those were the jeans that I refused to throw out and banished to the top of my closet shelf. the last time I lost this weight. The scale was the next sobering step and the results weren't at all to my liking. Guess I had to pay up for all that ice cream.  I had to face facts. Damn!.

I'm five or so years down the line from my first go-round with the South Beach routine. I decided to try my luck a second time, hoping my metabolism hasn't shifted into new and more resistant territory. At the end of  DAY 2 and feeling oh-so-deprived of my crackers and toast (not even bad stuff like chips), I'm also deliriously craving something sweet. Anything that's real. The sugar free jello just isn't cutting it. But, I'll persist.

I have to remind myself that sometimes, every once in awhile, deprivation stimulates those endorphin receptors. I'll take it and hopefully it's only a few more days away. Who doesn't love a 'natural high'?

Time for another piece of cheese and a handful of almonds.


  1. We have hit the January carb-fest in my house. I looked around the kitchen this past week-end and saw, all homemade, scones, gingerbread, peanutbutter muffins, and cherry-pudding cake. We convince ourselves that it's okay because it's homemade, but there aren't any kids around like there used to be to help eat the treats. All of that and two kinds of chips open, too! Yes, it's time to get a handle on this before it gets a handle on me:)

  2. I hear you Kate - I'm in the midst of trying to re-set my food habits too. It's hard, but worth it (I keep telling myself).

  3. Yep, Yep and Yep. I can lose 12# easy but find without exercise, I get stuck there, but love the South Beach/Atkins for me as I am not a bread or pasta eater much...but this time of year, I can't resist mac and cheese and tomato soup...


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