Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 Days in Spokane

Some of this, a bit of that, too much of another; laughter, tears, hard work and take-a-break interludes; last weekend wound down. She and I flew back to Seattle last Monday.

Here's some of what went on in Spokane

An introduction to the "furries", the 3 new guinea pig babies born to "Midnight Noni". Mama, babies, Daddy, step-Mom, and half brother make 7.  The one thing I can say right now is these balls of allergy on a stick bring her joy, real joy.  For me, walking in to her apartment stirred up the allergies. I prepared myself this time around with a supply of prednisone, albuterol inhaler, claritin, benadryl, and anti-histamine eyedrops  There was need for all five in various sequences and combinations all weekend.
Scott holds the babies

We attended a baby shower for a friend who dressed accordingly. There were other pregnant women around as well and the Halloween spirit infused the festivities. Nice.

Spooky Baby Shower cake

And babies make four!
Then there was a trip to Greenbluff for those amazing pumpkin donuts and a stop by Townshend Winery for a bit of tasting.

We cleaned and sorted, pitched and organized.

Oh, and I signed on with the Quibids penny auction site and stayed up into the wee hours winning Vera Bradley products for cheap.  Sigh. More things to keep track off....

Back in Seattle. Moving forward.

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  1. Those costumes are hilarious!! Great good humor.


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