Friday, October 21, 2011

A Heavy Heart

Mom used to talk about having a "heavy heart". I've experienced the same many times in my life. The heaviness comes not so much from the emotion of grief but rather an overwhelming sadness that permeates the mind and body leaving a heavy, lethargic feeling. The heavy heart is my constant companion today.

Sitting at the airport, I'm waiting for my flight to Spokane. The weather outside is foggy, moist with dense fog and light rain; perfect for a heavy heart sort of day.  Although I dread flying in any weather, this overcast stuff bespeaks of a probable bumpy ride. I could do without that added stress right now. At least this is a short flight and far easier than driving the nearly 300 miles to get there.

When we are blessed with adult children, the roles, rules, and responsibilities change. I'm finding it increasingly evident that sometimes, all we can do is listen. Sometimes that is enough. Sometimes, advice is the last thing to help forge a path through a messed up situation. Despite my ideas and suggestions, I won't spout off unless invited. A simple presence, at least for now, is probably the best I can hope for.

I ask for grace.

If my heart is heavy, hers is heavier. How we hate to see our children hurt and struggle with life's problems.  


  1. Sorry you're experiencing trouble in the family. I love the photo of the heavy heart.


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