Saturday, October 15, 2011

A New Blog Launches

On the first anniversary of my Mom's death, 10/12/11, I launched a sister blog to Ahead of the Wave. Weeks back, I wrote about an idea for a new blog.

The flash of inspiration required development,  a time to gestate and morph into something more tangible in my mind. I began by focusing on the design of the blog, spending hours composing the description, the dedications, not to mention the font, colors and layout of each page. Behind the scenes, I reflected on the theme of the blog, extracting memories from decades past and considering how I might write about them. There were several weeks when I had no time to consider a second blog and longed to surrender the entire idea. I worried that there wouldn't be adequate material to support a new blogging adventure. I stressed over writing about topics that might offend others or institutions. But, the idea and the desire wouldn't leave me alone for long.

I composed a few posts for the new blog and held them back in the archive. Several days before the first anniversary of Mom's death, it occurred to me that Mom would have emphatically supported me, "Go for it.", she would have said. Don't wait. Writing was one of  Mom's passions, a talent she put on the so-called back burner for a so-called rainy day and ultimately to her (and our) great disadvantage. In the meantime, she grew older, allowed herself to be distracted by other less important tasks, and let her great gift for written expression melt away. Although she made so many wonderful contributions in her life, I sincerely believe this was a gift of the written word was left unshared with the world.

As I think about Mom, I realize: the time is now, So what if I've written only a few posts? There are dozens brewing in my head. If I just let go and move forward, the momentum will sustain me. The reality of clicking the publish icon on the blog means Go. I could feel Mom's support everywhere and still do.

Back in the Day is a blog about my personal reflections; big and small, serious and humorous, critical and inane, on my life in Medicine. Although I may be inspired by specific experiences with patients, I will protect their anonymity. My focus is more personal; what I was thinking or feeling at the time and how experiences changed and influenced me. Written in random order, jumping from era to era (a span of 40 years), there's much to tell from my first thoughts of a career in medicine at the age 17 to where I stand right now, at the age of 57.

Thanks for checking out Back in the Day.

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